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A Message from Reba & Melissa Peterman


Well, I had a great day in Daytona Beach, Florida yesterday.  Shelby raced in his first professional race yesterday at Daytona International Speedway in the Grand Am Series with the Rousch Racing Team. The race is  a two and a half hour race that uses 2 drivers per team. Shelby’s team qualified to start in the 25th position. Shelby was the first driver for his team and drove for one and a half hours. Shelby took the car from 25th place to 1st place at the end of his turn. Very impressive! His team mate drove the car for the final hour and they ended up in 18th place. Being in the pit with the crew, ( who I have the utmost respect and admiration for) watching Shelby on the track racing at 170 mph was the biggest rush I’ve ever had!! You can see what I’m talking about because the race can be seen on the Speed Channel on Saturday, February 5th, at 3:00 PM EST. Shelby’s car is #51. Shelby’s first interview is attached for the Daytona Beach News-Journal.  Congrats to Shelby on his first professional race!  We’re very proud and very thankful to God for keeping him safe.

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Good news!! I’m on my 2nd lesson for Spanish! That still doesn’t make it right for someone to come up to me and start speaking perfect Spanish and expect me to understand them, okay!!!!???? This will take a little longer than I expected but what I’m very surprised about is, I love it!!! I’m having…




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Have You Ever Met Reba

I saw her at GMA this past year. I got to say hi for a second but I would love to actually meet her! she signed my poster then took off.

@Reba is the best country Female Artist ever!!! I luv her music. I picked Forever love for walking down the Isle and I keep on loving you has my dance song!!! I hope one day I can meet @reba mcentire. I was hoping to invite her to sing at my wedding but don’t know who to get ahold of to book it if she does do wedding! I will pay anything to get her to sing at my wedding, that would b a dream come true